Dr. Debasis Mitra (Associate Professor)

Short Bio: Debasis Mitra's primary research interest is on reasoning with space and time, particularly with qualitative and incomplete information. Such spatio-temporal reasoning are often needed in understanding natural language texts, geographical information, military intelligence data, archiological information etc. Checking consistency or finding solutions are primary objectives in this type of reasoning problems, and constraint satisfaction approach within the brooa area of Artificial Intelligence is the key methodology. Dr. Mitra's work has been initiated by a CAREER award from the National Sicence Foundation. Apart from this direction of research Dr. Mitra is also interested in the Protein folding problem within the area of Bio-informatics. Within his group specific tools are being developed for predicting protein structures. In the past he has worked on Mathematical Physics, and has practical experience in Exploration Geophysics, particularly in seismic exploration.

Last Modified: Wednesday, March 03, 2004
by R. Menezes