The Center for Computation and Intelligence (CCI) is part of the Department of Computer Sciences at the Florida Institute of Technology. The primary mission of the center is to engage in fundamental research on Intelligent Systems and its applications. The center strives to apply basic research toward solving practical problems. The objective is to make strong contributions in computer science, disseminate its research via quality publications, to secure funding, to enrich students' educational experience, and to contribute toward the intellectual quality and collaborative environment within the department and the University.

We study how to make computers more intelligent as well as how intelligence can change the way we compute. Specifically, the CCI investigates algorithms that can help computers learn (machine learning), listen (speech recognition), reason (constraint reasoning, spatio-temporal reasoning), and see (computer vision). Moreover, we examine how distributed intelligent agents can interact (coordination, distributed constraint reasoning, cryptography). The CCI also studies how simplistic animal behavior can provide a novel way to solve problems (swarm intelligence). Applications of our techniques include computational biology, computer security, device monitoring, digital government, surveillance, web personalization and information retrieval.

November 2006
Impulse Buying Research Featured in The Econonmist and MIT's Technology
Research  was conducted by Ronaldo Menezes and is featured in an online edition of MIT's Technology Review magazine  found here, and also in The Economist found here.
August 2006
Eraldo Ribeiro and Geoffrey Swain.
Image-based analysis of antifouling coating surfaces: Barnacle detection. Office of Naval Research, $250,425, May 20 2006 to April 30, 2008.


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