Groups & Laboratories

Agent Systems
Computer Vision
Coordination Systems
Learning Research

Agent Systems Laboratory (ASL)

Leader: Dr. Marius Silaghi

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Current Projects:
Courses Supported: Spech Recognition, Cryptography, Artificial Intelligence, Network Programming

Computer Vision Group (CVG)

Leader: Dr. Eraldo Ribeiro

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Current Projects:
Courses Supported: Computer Vision, Computer Graphics

Coordination Systems Group (CSG)

Leader: Dr. Ronaldo Menezes

The Coordination Systems Group focuses on practical aspects of coordination and multi-agent systems. The group tackles aspects that need to be addressed in general purpose coordination models and systems such as scalability, expresiveness and resource management.

Current Projects: SwarmLinda, LogOp
, Grid Computing Midware
Courses Supported:
Swarm Intelligence, Coordination Models and Systems, Distributed Computing, Network Programming

Lab for Learning Research (LLR)

Leader: Dr. Phil Chan

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Current Projects:
Courses Supported: Data Mining, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

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by R. Menezes